TSG 2012

The Straights Games

Increasing knowledge and awareness about Koh Samui is part of our aims and objectives. We want gay people around the world to know Koh Samui is a great place to visit.  With a team of 13 people and 8 nuns and with our distinctive Samui Pride T-Shirts we certainly made an impression in Phuket.

The Straits Games are held every year in different countries around Asia.  In Phuket 2012 there were teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China and USA.  Some of them had never heard of Koh Samui before.  They have now...!!

This was the 11th anniversary of The Straits Games (TSG) and the 3rd time to be hosted in Phuket Thailand where the event was previously held in 2006 and 2007.  The event offers a chance for gay groups from around Asia to compete in various sports and join together in various social events.  The sports include volleyball, bowling, badminton, squash and swimming.

Travelling overland from Samui with 3 cars we entered teams in Badminton, Volleyball, Bowling and Swimming. Not too many prizes for this our first event but a well deserved 3rd place in the swimming and definitely first place in singing and dancing...

Un-Cut Edition Sisters of Samui
First Ever Live Performance

Full video and image presentation of Samui Team at The Straits Games 2012 in Phuket, Thailand last October 12-14, 2012... Enjoy!!!


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